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Late Breaking News

We are now shipping limited limited quanity of our ArtFusion Tag Sets. These areinkjet printed sheets that you heat transfer to our specially coated tags.


On-going Product Research

Donald Warren is constantly researching ways to bring you the highest quality Aquaflow products.

Donald mixing paint

All of Aquaflow's paints are earth-friendly. Even portions of the facility are solar powered.

Matthew Warren is ready to answer any questions about Aquaflow and our various products.

Matt Warren

Aqua Flow

Aqua Flow Airbrush colors are
"Colors Dreams Are Made Of"

Vibrant colors made of premium materials that have set the standards for airbrush colors for three decades, What a great match World's Finest Artist and the World's Finest Airbrush Colors.

Our colors use exclusive ultra atomizing formulations that produce unmatched smooth photographic blends. Aqua Flow colors contain premium acrylic binders that provide durability and stability for your art, this will allow your work to endure the test of time and remain for future generations toenjoy. We select materials that are environmentally sound and are as safe as possible, making your work earth friendly. Artists who desire the best choose Aqua Flow Airbrush colors. We are introducing Inkjet printable vinyl sheets with pressure sensitive adhesive for you to print images from your computer that can be applied to signs, cars, etc.

For Coaters and persons wanting to do their own inkjet coating on paper, plastic, metal, and canvas we are introducing several new Inkjet coatings with high performance properties.

About Aquaflow

We are the manufactures of Aqua Flow, IllumaAir, Lacquerol and BodyAir airbrush colors.  Aqua Flow is a flexible acrylic color used for textiles,  illustration, auto tags, wall murals, and many other types of art media.

Colors are high gloss hard colors that have good exterior light-fastness. IllumaAir Colors are unique in that they can be used in permanent as well as temporary applications, they are removable using our eraser gel. You can use these colors on automobiles and months later remove them, also they are great for signs and vinyl.

Lacquerol is our alcohol based airbrush paint for removable automotive surfaces as well as outdoor graphics. This paint has the ability to be wet sanded and it can be buffed and polished to a glamor gloss finish. The colors are flammable due to their alcohol content, we use ethyl alcohol that is not toxic like methyl alcohol. You can not use water in this product it must be thinned with our ADA-31 Reducer. Please contact us direct for information and to order Lacquerol.

The removal process requires the use of our remover alcohol or it is sometimes possible to use a high preasure preasure washer to blow the paint off.

BodyAir isdesigned for temporary body tattoos, skin coloring, and extended life waterproof make-
We also manufacture ink jet coatings for paper and plastics these products are available in clear, opaque white and mat and finish. One of our brand names for our ink jet coating is Bubblegum 10

Art Fusion Transfers are now avaliable in limited quanity because they are currently being made by hand. They are sold in packs of 10 ea. for $25.00 they are also avaliable in Car Tag Sets of 10 ea. with 10 ea. of our special coated car tags for $40.00, you simply Print and Press and your done. The Art Fusion surface is easy to airbrush on, once airbrushed with Aqua Flow beach tagcolors clear coating of the tags is not necessary. The tags have our new organic look we developed for a bright non-glare effect.


Aqua Flow Products
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Lacquerol the paint for artist to let their imigination to run wild, if you goof-up simply wipe away and start again.

Art Car 1

Lacquerol alcohol colors are ideal for graphics on cars, they will last for years and can be easily removed at any time with our remover or a preassure washer.